In my own words ~

Hello to you, and thank you for your interest & willingness to support me on my path to total healing! 

On April 5, 2017, I was diagnosed with "Triple Negative Invasive Ductal Carcinoma" breast cancer (stage 2, grade 3 aggressiveness). This was shocking news for me to receive, as my father had just passed the day prior to my diagnosis, succumbing to his own advanced pancreatic cancer. 

Triple Negative breast cancer is a rare and aggressive form which is less responsive to treatments than other forms of breast cancer. I had 6 rounds of chemotherapy as treatment, a bilateral (double) mastectomy, and radiation, as that type of cancer has a higher recurrence rate than other forms, and I want to minimize my chances of going through this again! I have been advised that if I remain cancer free for 2 years after my treatment, we can feel more sure that it won't recur in other parts of my body. My oncologist said the rate of recurrence with the treatments is 15-20%, as opposed to 50% recurrence rate without them. 

I am currently following a holistic protocol to dissolve the cancer and support my body with the allopathic treatments, and am doing the following to optimize my health: organic vegan diet, juicing, CBD, enemas, yoga/exercise, prayer, meditation, and energetic healing. 

I am a mother to my two beloved children, Ixchel and Angel, and I am 100% committed to fully rid my body of cancer in order to be present for my children and be here by their side as they grow. I want to witness all of the big and small moments of their lives, and god willing, i will! I also commit to fulfill my soul purpose on Earth, in humble and loving service to the ways I am most needed here. 

My full time job let me go during chemo, and disability was only provided for 1 year. I now have extensive medical bills to shoulder which were not covered by my insurance, as well as living expenses. I am grateful for any monetary gift you are willing to contribute. 

I am absolutely certain that with the support of my loving community, I will overcome this and will come out the other side stronger and transformed. Please know that I offer you gratitude and love that flows from an infinite source. I am ETERNALLY GRATEFUL for your help. 

Infinite Oceans of Love,
Golden Karen Drake <3



I have decided to video blog this journey as a way to offer updates to you all, and also serve as inspiration to others walking this path back to wholeness, to create community and connection among us all. I also want to give visibility into this journey for those, like me, who may need to learn a lot fast, and to not feel alone in all the feels that cancer brings up. If you would like to follow my journey, you can find me on youtube by following the link below.  ALL LOVE TO YOU, ALWAYS!!!! Hug your loved ones close today and let them know how much you love them!!!!!!!! <3